Our Culture

Here at Atlantic Wireless, we take pride in our incredible culture. Our company culture has a strong foundation built upon four cornerstones: Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Behaviors.  As we interact every day with associates (employees) and customers we will be doing so using these four cornerstones in mind. It’s what customers and associates see, hear, and experience when they come into contact with Atlantic Wireless. We ask four key culture questions:

  • What does the Atlantic Wireless culture mean to you?
  • What is the Atlantic Wireless culture?
  • What is different about our culture compared to other company cultures?
  • What do you like about our culture?

So, do you want to know how strong our culture actually is? Well then, simply read the results from our most recent Culture Survey below. The following are the unedited answers (we did correct one or two spelling errors) to our four culture questions from our last Culture Survey:

What does the Atlantic Wireless culture mean to you?

  • Atlantic Wireless is not like any other business/company out there today.
  • The integrity and personal aspects of the business are important to me.
  • That you are valued for who you are.
  • A place where people live by The Golden Rule and treat each other with respect.
  • If I work hard I will be able to grow along with the company.

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What is the Atlantic Wireless Culture?

  • Values meet the mission, which equals a culture that is fun, God Honoring, Ideal Customer Experience.
  • Our culture is about being a part of something bigger than yourself and striving to live into aspirational values.
  • A group of professionals that make up a family that seeks to provide the Ideal Customer Experience for every single customer interaction in the name of God.
  • Our culture is focused on our mission vision and values.  It is this culture that has to lead to a world-class organization that cares deeply about its customers and employees and serves them passionately!
  • We operate with integrity, we give customers a great experience when they come to our locations, and we go above and beyond to make sure this happens.  We also help out each other when it is needed and have fun doing it. A business that truly cares about its employees and customers.

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What is different about our culture compared to other company cultures?

  • I have never worked for a company that stands by what they say and cares and follows their mission and values thoroughly.
  • It is the thing of God-honoring, most companies are in it just for the money and this company cares for their team members.
  • People actually enjoy coming to work every day. Leadership is sincere and truly wants the best for the team.
  • Customers are not treated as just a “number’
  • It is much better than other companies. Associates actually seem to care and find the best fit for the customer.

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What do you like about our Culture?

  • I love that it always strives for excellence.  We don’t follow trends here we set them and I love that about our company.
  • I like that I can be myself and have fun while still getting my job done. I have begun my career here and so thankful that I can do that and still remain true to myself and my goals in life.
  • I like that the owner knows the employees’ names.  I like that if I have a question or concern, I have a chain of people I can turn to who truly care about me and my growth in the company
  • The uniqueness, the openness, and the closeness.  We are truly a big family here who cares about God, our customers, and each other.
  • I love how everyone in this business genuinely cares and looks out for the others in the same industry.  That is normally an uncommon trait carried in the sales world.

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So, what do you think? We sure do have a pretty impressive culture here at Atlantic Wireless.  Our people are definitely world-class! Do you want to know how we have created such an amazing culture? It’s a secret…..just kidding. The way we look at things is a bit different than other companies. We believe that Jesus has stewarded Atlantic Wireless with its associates (employees). Therefore, we try and practice Matthew 7:12 which states “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…” Our leaders are servant leaders so we ensure our associates have the best of everything. That means Atlantic Wireless will provide world-class management, world-class locations, world-class training, and world-class benefits.  We are not perfect but we are striving for excellence. Don’t forget if you think you would fit well into our culture then go ahead and click on the JOIN OUR TEAM section of this website.

When Atlantic Wireless lives into our mission, vision, values, and behaviors we become a part of a Dynamic Organization. In doing so we will increase customer satisfaction, drive the standards of excellence, grow revenue, and drive the Dynamic Organization.